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Brusta’s journey began when Boat Chonatee started suffering from Mastitis pain while nursing her newborn. Despite a strict pumping schedule and diet her pump could not prevent the building up of blocked ducts. Like any good mother believing in the goodness of mother’s milk, she decided to do something about it.

With the help of a German Designer she developed the first prototype of her MiracleTwo Smart Electric Breast Pump, pioneering a unique Residual Milk Expression (RME) pattern to reduce Mastitis and make pumping with Brusta the most carefree experience for first-time mums.

Boat had talked with many mums who shared her experiences and added more innovative features such as whisper quiet pumping for discreet use outside and a lightweight structure to reduce the weight of carry-on for working mums.After a year of testing and perfecting a baby-like suction, Boat was overcome with joy having achieved a miracle while pumping Mastitis-free for 6 months.

Today our patented RME phase is helping mums everywhere achieve their mother’s milk miracle. As for Boat, she is still using her MiracleTwo for her second in 2017 and continues to innovate pumping for a carefree mother‘s milk experience.

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Helping mums experience carefree mother’s milk

Believe in miracles is our message to young and first-time mothers who always worry about breastfeeding pains or not being able to express enough mother’s milk for their babies.

At Brusta we make it our priority to make you feel comfortable about this particular aspect of your journey from woman to mother.

A scary and challenging endeavor at first we will show you that ultimately it is one the most beautiful experiences and rewarding responsibilities in the life of a mother.


Caring for the No. 1 problem of pumping mums

Through research and face to face interaction with mums we discovered that
blocked ducts and Mastitis pose the number one problem for pumping mums.
So we dedicated ourselves to developing a special suction pattern to help mums
cleanse and express the “stray” residual milk in their ducts.

Plenty of trials and adjustments later we found the perfect rhythm and called it R.M.E. or Residual Milk Expression which builds the foundation of Brusta’s proprietary 3 Phase expression today.


Co-created with German Industrial Designers

Co-created with German Industrial Designers, the Design of our product is very important to us which is why we have a close relationship with shakes bkk a German managed Industrial Design Studio. Together we have produced fresh ideas such as the R.M.E. phase and continue innovating products for a carefree mother’s milk experience. Our Design approach emphasizes honesty with clear functional features and uncluttered aesthetic purity.


At Brusta we’re always looking out for change

Because motherhood is all about change we focus our energy on thinking innovatively and embracing change. The nature of our products demands that we understand the transformation that take place during on a mother’s journey in order to be able to create innovative and practical solutions.


Co-developed and improved by mothers

During our design process we always like to involve mothers that have real insight into what they are going through to help us make better decisions when it comes to our design. We value your input and experience above anything else because our products are only as good as our ability to learn from what we did wrong so that we can make it better.