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Everything else you need for your pumping life

Our accessories are made to help you through your everyday life.We take great care when selecting materials and designing our products.Our accessories are made to last and we go through many tests to make surethey are safe to use for both mother and child.
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Brusta WonderCream

Helps to moisturize the skin’s elasticity Healthy skin

Stretch marks Soft and smooth Provides moisture to the skin that is rich in valuable natural extracts. Helps to reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy Change of young age Or weight change Helps to moisturize the skin’s elasticity Healthy skin With smoothness, lifting, tightening and protecting the skin in the future

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Brusta WonderOil

Protect the skin from stretch marks

Skin tightening oil Nourishes the skin to be strong, soft, moisturized, helps restore skin elasticity Protect the skin from stretch marks, make the skin smooth, firm, reduce and resist stretch marks. Suitable for women during pregnancy, after birth and after weight loss.

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Comforting, easy to use, over and over again

Our MagicHeat massager can be used to near infinity. Simply squeeze themetal activator , the pad will miraculously heat up to a soothing temperaturein less than 10 seconds. Lay it on your breast to warm up your milk flow. Afterthe pad cool down , just throw it in milk bottle sterilizer or boil it in hot waterfor a 20-30 minutes to let solid gel return to clear water. Let it cool down andthen use it again indefinitely.

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Cool for hours, reusable

Our MagicCool ice pack holds a large capacity of coolant that can keep cold forhours. Designed to be reusable with a strong plastic body that resist damagefrom quick expansion. BPA Free.

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