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Magical innovation for mothers

Motherhood is our destiny and breastfeeding our dedication. The excitement, the worry, the adventure and bliss that we find on our journey from woman to mother, they are all unforgettable worthy moments of magic and charm.

Brusta pumps are made to celebrate these moments and support the miracle of mother milk, the magic elixir that nurtures the miracle of life itself.

Believe in your own mother milk miracle and you will be able to give your baby the best nutrition as Mother Nature herself intended for as long as you wish.
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Smart Electric Breast Pump

3 Phase Electric Breast Pump with intelligent pump cycle incl. stimulation, milk let down and a new innovative Anti-Blockage Residual Milk Expression phase.
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Co-created with German Industrial Designers

Co-created with German Industrial Designers, the Design of our product is very important to us which is why we have a close relationship with shakes bkk a German managed Industrial Design Studio. Together we have produced fresh ideas such as the R.M.E. phase and continue innovating products for a carefree mother’s milk experience. Our Design approach emphasizes honesty with clear functional features and uncluttered aesthetic purity.


At Brusta we’re always looking out for change

Because motherhood is all about change we focus our energy on thinking innovatively and embracing change. The nature of our products demands that we understand the transformation that take place during on a mother’s journey in order to be able to create innovative and practical solutions.


Co-developed and improved by mothers

During our design process we always like to involve mothers that have real insight into what they are going through to help us make better decisions when it comes to our design. We value your input and experience above anything else because our products are only as good as our ability to learn from what we did wrong so that we can make it better.