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Our MiracleTwo

Smart Electric Breast Pump with R.M.E.

Our accessories are made to help you through your everyday life.
We take great care when selecting materials and designing our products.
Our accessories are made to last and we go through many tests to make sure that they are safe to use for both mother and child.Watch Video


Whisper Quiet Pumping

At 50dcb our MiracleTwo equals a quiet conversation at home


MagicFit Silicone Cup with Massage Petals

Our silicone cups are soft and comfy with stimulating massage petals that accelerate milk flow


Memory Step Function

Remembers your last pumping preference including suction power and time


No Flow-Back with SafeFlo Valve

Don’t worry about back spills and walking around while pumping, our SafeFlo valves keeps everything in the bottle


Interactive Info LCD

Clear informative display of time and suction power


Light and Durable Design

Weighing 273g our pump is lighter than a normal softdrink can.


User research and innovative design thinking

Working with our German Designers Brusta has opened up to modern Design thinking that looks at our customers’ problem and applies new processes to solve them. We actively get involved with mothers in workshops and events to try out new designs and discover valuable insights on what our mothers need the most.

50dcb Whisper Quiet

Hardly louder than a discreet conversation

Our engineers worked really hard to make our Miracle TWO pump as quiet as possible. Nothing is more awkward than sitting in a public place with this roaring robot pumping sound coming from you. It’s so quiet that you can easily pump at night without leaving your bedroom afraid of waking the baby or the person next to you.

Lite as a feather

Optimized for on-the-go mums

We understand that a majority of mums will pump outside their own 4 walls which is why we made our MiracleTwo as light as possible. At 273g it is lighter than your average soft drink bottle and barely noticeable in your bag.

Residual Milk Expression (RME)

Proactive against Mastitis and blocked ducts

Through our interaction with mums we have found that blocked ducts and Mastitis is the number one problem for pumping mums. So we dedicate ourselves to developing a special suction pattern to help mums cleanse and express the “stray” residual milk in their ducts. Press this button to start a 5 minutes Residual Milk Expression (RME) phase and ensure that nothing would ever stand in the way of your mother milk miracle.


The Miracle Design

1. Interactive Info LCD Display

2. Comfortable Pumping with Phase Cycling and 9 Step Suction Control

3. Resdiual Milk Expression (R.M.E.) helps prevent
Mastitis and Blocked Ducts

4. Fits like a glove! MagicFit Silicone Cup with Stimulating Petals.

5. SafeFlo Valve let’s you pump worriless and reliably.

6. Robot Pump Sound? Don’t be afraid Miracle TWO is whisper quiet and discreet.

7. Convenient & Flexible with battery power or 220V.

What’s in the box

Mother’s milk miracle essentials

1. MagicFit Silicone Cup Cap x2

2. MagiFcFit Silicone Cup (Normal) x2

3. MiracleTwo Pump Head x2

4. MiracleTwo Silicone Membrane x2

5. MiracleTwo Silicone Membrane Cover x2

6. MiracleTwo Twin Pump Connector x1

7. SafeFlo Valve Membrane x4

8. MiracleTwo SafeFlo Valve x2

9. Bottle Base x2

10. MagicMilk BPA Free Feeding Bottle (150ml) x3

11. MiracleTwo Control Unit/Pump x1

12. MagicMilk Fedding Bottle Safe Seal Cap x1

13. MagicMilk Feeding Bottle Teat x1

14. MagicMilk Feeding Bottle Long Storage Seal x1

15. 220V Power Adaptor x1


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