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Even miracles need nurturing

Pumping is essential to achieving your milk miracle but for some mothers it can take a little longer and may need a kickstart. The best way to do that is by providing your body with natural nuntrition to stimulate your milk production.

Brusta’s nutrition is made from carefully selected sources and processed naturally without additives and conservatives. It’s not only beneficial as a breast milk stimulant but our tea is also a tasty and healthy drink.

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Fiery Thai ginger fused with the magic of chia

Our MagicFresh Milk Pouch uses a patented design that reduces contact areas between milk and hands in order to prevent unnecessary bacteria interaction. The design also cleverly improves the transfer of thawed milk into bottles via a rigid spout and adds a straw guide to ease drinking right out of the bag.

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Our easiest and natural way to help you going

Get organized with our MagicFresh Treasure Bag that helps you keep track and store 10 of your smaller MagicFresh Milk Pouches. Featuring a top side handle and labelling space you’ll be able to organize your freezer in no time.
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